63% of users

Post on social media the same day they are invited to a private network.

71% of users

Start more than one conversation within two weeks of signing up and continue it.

79% of users

Say they feel a stronger bond to the brand as a result of a new connection.

Help your members connect with each other.

Directories, Facebook groups and email lists are useful for those you know.
But how about those that you don't know?

Comedy is the language of the millennial generation. From our icebreakers to the personality quizzes, we are native speakers.


A familiar swipe interface makes it easy to find friends of friends and like-minded people.


Take away the social media soap boxes and replace them with tables and chairs. Direct interaction via one-on-one and group chats.


One click user registration via Facebook. No forms to fill out. No photos to upload.

Don't let your message get lost in the age of banner blindness.

Spend less money and resources pushing your message.
Spark conversations about your brand and win over new advocates instead.

Increase engagement and retention.

A cost effective solution.

Palaround is an enterprise platform at a very low cost.



  • Up to 2,500 Users

  • 50 Push Notifications

  • 10 GB Data Transfer

  • 5 GB Storage

  • Basic Support

  • * plus setup fee




  • Up to 25,000 Users

  • 250 Push Notifications

  • 500 GB Data Transfer

  • 500 GB Storage

  • Enterprise Support

  • * plus setup fee

Simple Admin & Push Notifications

Easy to manage from any browser.
Send push notifications to the members of your network.

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